“TwoZeroSix” is comprised of 5 amazing NW musicians: Jeff Druzianich (Vocals) Dan Scott (Bass) Lonnie Smith (Drums) Grant Anderson (Guitar) and Scott McAllister (Guitar) who bring years of experience to the stage. They consider themselves a tribute to The Sound of the NW. They are not a look alike tribute (not to say they won’t be dawning their flannel and Doc Martins) but rather a tribute to the music they love, the music that shook the Seattle area and put Seattle on the map musically. TwoZeroSix works very hard to ensure that they sound just like the recordings and tap into those memories for all the fans of the music of Seattle. 

The music that touches you in your youth is magnified when you get older. Each record can be a virtual time machine – all you need is to hear a second or two and you go back to that place and time when you first heard it. It’s a brilliant feeling when music touches you so profoundly and stays with you through time.