The Davanos

The Davanos are local legends—if you live in Lake City, that is. Every Wednesday, the three-piece cover band—featuring Dusty 45 Jerry Battista on guitar, Fred “Right On” Holzman on drums, and a rotating cast of bassists—plays to packed crowds in the Rimrock Steakhouse’s tiny, raucous bar. Their renditions of Zeppelin and Rolling Stone covers are peerless, and the charismatic Holzman, despite an appearance that might make you think he forgets everything except what to do at 4:20 each day, is like a steel trap when it comes to popular music lyrics. They play the city’s lone honky-tonk, the Little Red Hen, with some regularity too. And the Hen being a honky-tonk, their set list tends to be a cross between what the Davanos play and the twangier vibe they achieve as an acoustic alter ego called The Lazyboys (every first and third Monday at Mr. Villa in Maple Leaf).