80 Proof Ale

“80 Proof ALE”
Bio by Corey Wilkins

If all five-founding members of the Eagles ever sat down with Vince Gill to split a bottle of Beam, mixed in a half-measure of Zac Brown Band—tossed it all in blender and hit turbo mode, the eccentric concoction would fizzle down to result in “80 Proof ALE”. Front man, Aaron Ellsworth, set out to accommodate the smooth sounds of modern country; but put his own unique vocal stamp on it all to provide a distinctive edge that plays moderately into the guitar- based rock genre. His vocal range and tech-savvy give them something that surpasses your typical country-bro-rock bar band. Through countless rehearsals and the use of modern technology, “80 Proof ALE” captures the original and authentic duplication of every Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, or Jason Aldean tune they cover. The four-piece line-up sounds more like an eight-man orchestra when you hear the perfect keyboard, fiddle, or banjo pipe through the system in a digital display of perfectly timed sweetness.

Ellsworth has managed to assemble a Who’s Who of pacific northwest veterans that are no strangers to the upper-end live music venues of the Puget Sound. Mike Sprayberry (Folsom Prism/Shifter) brings in the five-string low end in keeping lockstep with drummer, Dan Blackson (Heartless/Shifter). Lead guitarist, Brian “Fitz” Fitzsimmons (Just Dirt), makes his way through an onslaught of six-string options from Stratocaster to Les Paul and everything in between. All four men share harmony vocal duties which gives “80 Proof ALE” a wide range of country cover capabilities. Their high-energy and professional musicianship make every song an audible delight as well as fun for the spectator.

“80 Proof ALE” (note, the monogrammed initials of their founder: Aaron Lee Ellsworth) can provide your club hours of entertainment, easily open for your regional/national headliner, or impress your private party or corporate event. Their brand of country-rock is hit-driven, visually tasteful, and hits all generations and age groups.